South Jersey Gas files for continuation of Energy Efficiency Programs

FOLSOM, NJ, March 29, 2018 – South Jersey Gas, subsidiary of South Jersey Industries (NYSE:SJI), filed
a petition with the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities seeking to extend its current Energy Efficiency
Programs for five years and implement new programs designed to further attract and engage both residential
and commercial customers. The programs encourage customers to reduce energy usage and save money.

“We are committed to making energy efficiency accessible for all our customers,” said Dave Robbins,
president, South Jersey Gas. “Our Energy Efficiency Programs provide a broad range of incentives designed
to assist our customers in lowering their energy bills and making better-informed decisions about their
energy usage.”

The South Jersey Gas filing proposes investments totaling approximately $195 million in support of the
goals of the New Jersey Clean Energy Program, promoting energy efficiency, through additional funding for
already successful programs and developing new programs to allow for greater customer participation. Those
services are directed to all customer groups, including low and moderate income, small business and public
entities like municipalities, schools, universities, nonprofits, healthcare and multifamily housing.

Since the Board of Public Utilities first approved South Jersey Gas’ Energy Efficiency Programs in 2009,
more than 13,000 customers have participated in various residential and commercial/industrial rebate and
loan offerings to make energy efficiency more affordable. Through its Energy Efficiency Programs and
partnership with the New Jersey Clean Energy Program, South Jersey Gas has helped its customers eliminate
over 18,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

Under this proposal, natural gas utility bills for a residential customer using 100-therms a month will
increase $1.15, or 0.8 percent. The Board of Public Utilities recently approved a decrease of 5.1 percent on
natural gas utility bills for South Jersey Gas residential customers, resulting from recently passed federal tax

For more information about the South Jersey Gas Energy Efficiency Programs, visit or call 855-678-5860.