Our Teams

SJI Energy Enterprises Group

SJI Energy Enterprises Group houses all of SJI's deregulated energy companies and is committed to providing solutions that help advance our renewable energy goals and promote sustainability.

Clean Energy and Sustainability Team

In 2020, SJI formed the Clean Energy and Sustainability team that is responsible for the development, execution and oversight of all clean energy and sustainability initiatives for the organization. With the formation of this team, SJI is poised to be a leader in clean energy, energy efficiency and carbon reduction initiatives, allowing us to expand on the progress we have already made, while continuing to deliver on our mission to provide safe, reliable, and affordable energy. Learn more here.
Green Team logo

Green Team

The Green Team is an educational employee resource group at SJI dedicated to empowering employees to help support and create a more sustainable environment in our local communities. The Green Team provides leadership opportunities to employees interested in developing, implementing and assisting with educational and civil engagement events that support the organization’s continued focus on current environmental initiatives and stewardship goals.