I have received funds from SJI in the past without completing this application. Do I have to submit an application now?

All charitable and community based organizations seeking charitable financial support from SJI are required to submit a completed application. This includes organizations that previously received charitable funds or event sponsorships from any SJI subsidiaries, as well as organizations new to the process. Additionally, prior sponsorship or financial support does not guarantee grant awards in subsequent years.

How often can I apply for funding?

Only one application may be submitted per organization, per year. For this reason, you must include the total amount of funds you are requesting for the entire calendar year and highlight any benefits available to SJI throughout the year.

In fundraising, I’ve always been told to request the highest grant amount available. Even if I don’t get it, at least I have a better chance of getting some funding, right?

Unfortunately this isn’t always the case. Please consider carefully the grant level you request and identify very specifically how it coincides with our social investment goals. With more than 100 organizations applying to SJI each year, it is not possible to fund them all at maximum levels. If you only offer information relating to maximum funding amounts (i.e. $7,500 to $10,000), we can’t identify how other amounts could impact your organization, and we may have to deny your request completely. Furthermore, if your organization does not currently have an established relationship with SJI, we urge you to consider a more conservative request in your first application.

I would much rather come in and meet with SJI to show you the benefits that you could enjoy from partnering with my organization. Can I set up a meeting instead of submitting an application?

An organization will not be considered for funding without completing an application. Additionally, because there are so many organizations operating in New Jersey, we prefer to set up individual meetings if we need to follow up with you for additional information or would like to learn more about your group’s activities.

We are seeking support for an event in February, but the SJI funding announcements will not be made in time for our event. How can we still compete for funding?

If you are holding an event or requesting funding for an initiative that will occur before April 1, you may apply for funding during the second funding period of the preceding year. In the fall, organizations may submit an application for the coming year to ensure that a decision is made in time for early-year initiatives. Please note, however, in the event you receive early approval of your application, you will not receive payment until the following year’s March distribution period.