ESG 2020 Annual Report


Customer Initiatives

At SJI, our commitment to providing safe, reliable, affordable service while prioritizing customer satisfaction and delivering shareholder value is unwavering.

Customer Experience

SJI is ready to serve you when you need us.

At South Jersey Gas and Elizabethtown Gas, our customers are the reason we show up every day. Never has that commitment been more important than over the last year, when our ability to “show up” was inexorably tested by the pandemic, at a time when our customers needed us most. The resource investments made over the last several years in our customer experience – from technology and system implementations to training and employee engagement – paid invaluable dividends in 2020, as we were able to seamlessly adapt to remote work while still delivering exceptional service to our customers.

No matter the conditions, we show up for our customers. In 2020, through the following accomplishments, our teams demonstrated that we keep our promise:

  • Elizabethtown Gas received the highest score in the East Midsize segment of the J.D. Power 2015-2020 Gas Utility Residential Customer Satisfaction Studies (tied in 2015) of customers’ satisfaction with their residential gas provider. For more information on this award, visit here.
  • In 2020, SJI’s outreach teams explored innovative ways to connect with customers due to the limited number of in-person events allowed. These teams implemented regular email blasts and outbound calls to inform customers of energy assistance and partnered with municipalities, local food banks and libraries to share vitally important information regarding energy assistance programs in creative ways, including  through bag drops and bookmarks, in addition to detailed pamphlets.
  • We’ve long cited employees as our greatest asset, both for our business and our customers. Employee outreach was prioritized not only for traditional customer service employees, but also for the field personnel. Our field teams were educated and armed with quick reference cards to provide much needed information about energy assistance programs when they encountered customers in need.
  • Our employees provided outreach and education that helped our customers secure 224,626 Energy Assistance payments totaling $15.8 million – ensuring customers could continue to rely on natural gas for their heating, hot water and cooking needs.
  • Our customer service representatives worked hard to align our customers with assistance programs and payment plans that fit their needs. During 2020, 39% of our customers availed themselves of the opportunity to manage their accounts and pay their bills through convenient self-serve options available in My Account.
  • During 2020, South Jersey Gas surveyed 14,435 customers to ensure their satisfaction after service interactions, achieving a valued customer rating of 81.3%, a 4.5% annual improvement.
  • The implementation of a new email management system in 2020 cleared the way for faster response times to customers who increasingly rely on this communication channel for service.

As your trusted energy provider, we are committed to delivering safe, reliable and consistent service in a timely manner. We will continue to employ professional, well-trained and knowledgeable staff and treat you with courtesy and respect.

Customer Growth

SJI is an industry leader in utility customer growth.

To sustain this growth, our talented teams of sales and marketing professionals’ partner with our operations teams to support organic and planned new customer acquisitions. From coordinating the timing and density of new service installations to bundling projects, our methods help to reduce our costs as well as customer costs and increase new customer acquisitions.

Elizabethtown Gas
• Serves approximately 300,000 families and businesses in 86 northern NJ communities.
• Added 4,422 net customers in 2020, representing a growth rate of 1.5%.

South Jersey Gas
• Serves more than 400,000 families and businesses in 117 southern NJ communities.
• Added 7,802 net customers in 2020, representing a growth rate of 1.96%, as a moratorium on service disconnections amplified growth.