ESG 2019 Annual Report


Customer Initiatives

At SJI, our commitment to providing safe, reliable, affordable service while prioritizing customer satisfaction and delivering shareholder value is unwavering.

Customer Experience

Our commitment to you as a customer is to be there, ready to serve you, when you need us.

Our Customer Experience initiative aims to drive continuous improvement in the service we provide all our customers and the technology we employ to support our Customer Promise: As your trusted energy provider, we are committed to delivering safe, reliable and consistent service in a timely manner. We will employ professional, well-trained and knowledgeable staff. We will treat you with courtesy and respect.

We’re proud to serve our customers and we’re proud of the work we accomplished in 2019 to maintain our commitment to them:

  • For the fifth year in a row Elizabethtown Gas has ranked highest in customer satisfaction for residential gas service among east midsize utilities by J.D. Power and Associates
  • South Jersey Gas ranked fifth in customer satisfaction for residential gas service among east midsize utilities by J.D. Power and Associates, improving its scores across all categories year over year
  • Introduced a new customer portal across our utilities to equip customers with the tools they need to easily manage their account
  • Surveyed 20,347 South Jersey Gas customers and improved the percentage of customers by 3.4% during 2019, ending the year with a 76.8% valued customer rating
  • Increased customer service staffing and training to better meet customer needs – launching a New Jersey-based dispatch team for Elizabethtown Gas and a social media response team for South Jersey Gas
  • Provided more than 60,000 customers in New Jersey with Energy Assistance totaling $16.5 million– keeping them connected to service to support their heating, hot water and cooking needs.

Customer Growth

SJI is an industry leader in utility customer growth.

To sustain this growth, our talented teams of sales and marketing professionals partner with our operations teams and to support organic and planned new customer acquisitions. From coordinating the timing and density of new service installations to bundling projects, our methods help to reduce our costs as well as customer costs and increase new customer acquisitions.

Elizabethtown Gas
Serves approximately 300,000 families and businesses in 86 northern NJ communities.
Added 3,519 net customers in 2019, representing a growth rate of 1.2%.

Elkton Gas
Serves more than 6,000 families and businesses in Elkton, Maryland.
Added 167 net customers in 2019, representing a growth rate of 2.5%.

South Jersey Gas
Serves more than 400,000 families and businesses in 117 southern NJ communities.
Added 5,998 net customers in 2019, representing a growth rate of 1.5%.

Political Involvement

SJI is committed to advocating for sound public policies that advance the interests of our customers, employees and shareholders. Our participation in efforts to properly influence public policy takes many forms, but in every instance, we conduct such activities in full compliance with all federal, state and local laws, rules and regulations. Under the corporation’s Code of Ethics, all directors and employees are required to uphold all laws and applicable regulations, which shall include provisions governing lobbying activities, issue advocacy, political contributions and government contracting.

As a heavily regulated company, public policy considerations often have a direct and measurable impact on our business. Accordingly, SJI takes an active role in legislative, regulatory and other policy-setting processes to ensure that legislators and regulators are properly informed about the decisions they make which may impact our business, and ultimately, our customers, employees and communities. To ensure proper compliance and adherence to the highest ethical standards, all persons performing lobbying activities on behalf of the company are required to be registered with the appropriate state and federal regulatory agencies and must file applicable reports and disclosure statements on a regular basis, as required by law. Additionally, all persons conducting lobbying activities on behalf of the company, including third-party consultants, are required to report and avoid any and all conflicts of interest that may arise. Finally, SJI publicly reports all legislation and proposed regulations upon which advocacy activities are undertaken, and annually reports corporate expenditures to support such activities.

SJI believes that a healthy and robust economy is critical to enhancing the quality of life for our customers. In order to promote proper economic development in the communities we serve, SJI is a member of several business and industry trade associations at the national, state and local levels. State law only requires the disclosure of expenditures made to such organizations if the organization is engaging in traditional lobbying or grassroots lobbying on the corporation’s behalf. SJI does not presently utilize such organizations for lobbying purposes and, as such, has no expenditures to report.

New Jersey law explicitly prohibits regulated corporations such as utilities, banks and insurance companies from using corporate funds to make or solicit political contributions. In strict adherence to State law, SJI does not make or solicit campaign contributions for candidates for elected office at any level. Moreover, SJI does not permit the utilization of corporate resources, including staff time, supplies, equipment or property, in support of candidates for elected office at any level. It should be noted that since at least 1999, SJI employees have established and maintained a separate independent continuing political committee, known as the SJI PAC, in accordance with State laws, rules and regulations. The SJI PAC is not supported by, or controlled by, the corporation and participation by SJI employees is completely voluntary.