Student Internships / Co-op

Interns will have the opportunity to get an insider’s perspective on what makes an Energy enterprise tick. Our interns can put their entrepreneurial talent into action and make the most of their enthusiasm for the energy sector in the professional world.

During your internship, you will have the ability to network with other interns and colleagues within your group, as well as other interns at our various locations. We provide our interns with training and development opportunities to help foster business skills that will be beneficial throughout their professional careers. Our interns are invited to a “Welcome Meet and Greet Breakfast” where they have the unique opportunity of networking with our company officers. Interns are also encouraged to provide feedback and suggestions on how to improve the way we do business. These invaluable pieces of advice have helped us grow our products and services, better our processes, and streamline our business. Many of our interns have returned to us in subsequent intern assignments and have eventually landed full time positions with us upon graduation.


"Interning with SJI has been an amazing experience.  From day one, I felt as though I was part of the team, and was included in various types of projects and meetings. Within the first week I had opportunities to participate in high level meetings with several of the Officers, including our CFO, which was both very exciting and overwhelming. As a business student, exposure to such scenarios is hoped for but rarely experienced, SJI does a fantastic job at providing interns with a variety of occasions that allow us to gain this exposure. SJI helped me build a vast network of business professionals who have given me great work and life advice. They also helped me learn how to manage work and life balance. In the past 11 weeks, I gained experiences that I could never imagine receiving in a classroom. I am very thankful for getting this opportunity, and I know it will be a lesson I take with me as I continue my journey."

Farhaz Aziz
Accounting Intern
Stockton University
Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Business Management

"My experiences as an SJI intern have revealed the real world to be a much less intimidating, much more exciting place than I ever expected it to be. Working in the Engineering Department gave me opportunities to apply my college education thus far to active projects by going on out in the field. Whether I was sitting in the office, partaking in work-management meetings or observing pipeline construction first-hand, I was able to form valuable relationships with both fellow interns and full-time employees of the company. Personal skills such as time management, prioritizing projects, networking and communication (both written and verbal) inevitably saw improvement. I consider myself lucky to have been able to work with such incredible, intelligent people who jumped at every opportunity to help me succeed both in my SJI position and in future endeavors."

Morgan Dean
Engineering Intern
Rowan University
Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
Mathematics, Writing Arts and Computer Science Minor

"In my time here at SJI in the Environmental Health and Safety Department, I learned an incredible amount about working in the field with engineering-based systems and doing so in a professional manner.  Knowing how to speak, email, and call other workers properly while getting a task completed are crucial skills that I am happy to have begun developing so soon.  It is exciting to now be able to speak at length about the inner working of such complex systems as the ones I dealt with this summer.  Furthermore, having such interactive and team-oriented managers and coworkers made it simple  to incorporate myself into the company dynamic to share my thoughts, to help improve upon existing company structures, and to assist in developing new initiatives. My efforts were rewarded with valuable experience and diverse personal connections, all of which will come in handy no matter where I end up after this summer.  Overall, I am immensely happy that I was able to contribute my time to SJI and would encourage anyone else interested in getting a taste of a professional yet fun and diverse company to come to SJI."

Evan Hansen
Environmental Affairs Intern
Villanova University

"Interning at SJI has provided me with hands-on experience in the Corporate Communications field. As a member of the Stakeholder Relations team, I was able to have a hand in multiple projects across the department. Throughout the summer, I sharpened my writing skills, helped improve the company’s social media platforms, gained customer service skills, and learned the importance of paying attention to detail. Everyone I encountered was always welcoming and willing to provide assistance, which made my time here both fun and an excellent learning experience. In addition, I was able to make connections throughout the company ranging from senior executives to fellow interns. All of my projects this summer directly affected the company and left me with valuable experience that I can bring with me throughout my professional career. I could not have asked for a better internship this summer, and I am grateful to have been provided with this opportunity."

Taylor Nelson
Communications Intern
University of Delaware
Bachelor’s of Arts in Marketing, Management Information Systems Minor