Infrastructure Enhancements

Infrastructure Investment Program (IIP)

Service line breakerIn June 2022, South Jersey Gas secured the approval of the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities to implement a $200 million, five-year Infrastructure Investment Program (IIP). The IIP started in July of 2022 and started to replace approximately 250 miles of at risk facilities including vintage coated steel and Aldyl-A plastic mains and related services, as well as the installation of excess flow valves on new service lines. By targeting aging sections of the South Jersey Gas distribution system, the approved program will enhance the overall service provided to South Jersey Gas customers, support environmental stewardship by reducing emissions and facilitate economic development through job creation in New Jersey.
Elizabethtown Gas submitted its annual filing to the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities for updated rates to recover investments made under its IIP, which was originally approved in June 2019. Elizabethtown Gas' approved program authorizes the recovery of costs associated with investments of approximately $300 million between 2019-2024 to replace cast-iron and bare steel vintage mains and related services.


Storm Hardening and Reliability Program (SHARP)

Initiated in 2018, the three-year infrastructure investment program focused on conducting system enhancements along the coastal region of Southern New Jersey. The first phase resulted in the replacement of 92 miles of main and the restoration of 11,090 services. Similar to the original initiative, SHARP II further enhanced and protected our infrastructure in advance of future significant weather events. In addition to the Brigantine project, which was recognized by the New Jersey Alliance for Action as a recipient of one of its 2022 “New Jersey’s Leading Capital Construction Project” awards, the SHARP II program included the installation of 8.5 miles of distribution main via the Absecon Island Loop and Ocean City Loop projects. South Jersey Gas also installed 9,100 excess flow valves – mechanical safety devices designed to shut off the flow of natural gas automatically in the event of a service line break – within barrier island communities.

New Sentury Pump Station

In 2021, South Jersey Gas cut the ribbon on its New Sentury Pump Station, a $69M facility created to regulate consistent pressure throughout the South Jersey Gas distribution system. The pump station helps prevent gas supply interruptions caused by irregularities to the system, such as extreme weather, peak-demand events, man-made disruptions or other issues that may affect interstate pipelines. Recognized with The New Jersey Alliance for Action’s “Distinguished Engineering Award”, the project led to the creation of approximately 275 jobs. At this same location, we are designing an electrolyzer system that will produce green hydrogen and deliver it to the South Jersey Gas distribution system in the fall of 2024.

Accelerated Infrastructure Replacement Program (AIRP)

Completed in 2021, the Accelerated Infrastructure Replacement Program (AIRP), targeted the replacement of aging cast iron and bare steel in the South Jersey Gas distribution system infrastructure to ensure system reliability, while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Through the AIRP and AIRP II, South Jersey Gas has replaced more than 800 miles of main and restored 40,700 services.