A Partner for a Clean Energy Future

At SJI, a lot has changed since our company started more than a hundred years ago. But one thing that remains the same is our mission to deliver safe, reliable, affordable, clean energy for a better today and tomorrow to our over 700,000 families and businesses across New Jersey. We are committed to providing the solutions that help advance our State’s renewable energy goals and promote sustainability in our communities. At SJI, we are driving innovation, delivering affordable energy, and powering New Jersey’s clean energy future.

Sustainability Goals

SJI is proud to announce a comprehensive clean energy plan, including a timeline to achieve carbon-neutral operations, as part of a commitment to sustainability. Through a new series of sustainability initiatives, SJI has set forth benchmarks to:
  • Achieve a 70% carbon reduction of operational emissions and consumption by the year 2030
  • Achieve 100 % carbon reduction by 2040
  • Commit at least 25% of annual capital expenditures on sustainability projects.
We are excited to be part of the solution in New Jersey's clean energy future. Learn more about SJI’s clean energy investments below.

Energy Efficiency and Conservation iconEnergy Efficiency and Conservation 

In 2020, SJI formed the Clean Energy and Sustainability team that is responsible for the development, execution, and oversight of all clean energy and sustainability initiatives for the organization. With the formation of this team, SJI is poised to be a leader in clean energy, energy efficiency, and carbon reduction initiatives, allowing us to expand on the progress we have already made, while continuing to deliver on our mission to provide safe, reliable, and affordable energy.

$133 million
South Jersey Gas and Elizabethtown Gas have invested more than $133M million in energy efficiency programs, to help customers reduce their energy footprint.

In 2006 South Jersey Gas became one of the first utilities in the country to implement a Conservation Incentive Program. Today, the program continues to encourage customers to use natural gas more efficiently and benefits both South Jersey Gas and its customers by eliminating the link between utility profits and the quantity of natural gas sold. Since its inception, customers have reduced their natural gas usage by a total of 101.1 billion cubic feet, enabling them to save $920.2 million in energy costs and reduce 5.18 million metric tons of CO2.

At SJI, we are dedicated to involving and engaging customers in our efforts to protect the environment and sustain our natural resources. Combined, South Jersey Gas and Elizabethtown Gas have invested more than $133M million in energy efficiency programs, to help customers reduce their energy footprint. Starting in summer 2021, South Jersey Gas (SJG) and Elizabethtown Gas (ETG) will greatly expand those programs by $216 million over a 3-year period, making them more accessible to our customers and offering rebates, financing, an efficient products marketplace, residential weatherization program for low to moderate income customers and home energy audits as well as solutions for commercial customers.

Infrastructure Enhancements iconInfrastructure Enhancements 

For many years, SJI has pursued and implemented programs to accelerate the replacement of aging infrastructure to improve safety and reliability for customers while reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG).

In June 2022, South Jersey Gas secured the approval of the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities to implement a $200 million, five-year Infrastructure Investment Program (IIP). Commencing July 1, 2022, the IIP will begin the replacement of approximately 250 miles of at risk facilities including vintage coated steel and Aldyl-A plastic mains and related services, as well as the installation of excess flow valves on new service lines. By targeting aging sections of the South Jersey Gas distribution system, the approved program will enhance the overall service provided to South Jersey Gas customers, support environmental stewardship by reducing emissions and facilitate economic development through job creation in New Jersey.

Elizabethtown Gas submitted its annual filing to the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities for updated rates to recover investments made under its IIP, which was originally approved in June 2019. Elizabethtown Gas’ approved program authorizes the recovery of costs associated with investments of approximately $300 million between 2019-2024 to replace cast-iron and bare steel vintage mains and related services. The NJBPU issued an Order in September 2020 approving the updated IIP rates effective October 1, 2020.

Clean Energy Investments iconClean Energy Investments 

Consistent with our commitment to a clean energy future, SJI announced the formation of Catamaran Renewables (Catamaran), a joint venture between SJI subsidiary Marina Energy and renewable industry-leader Captona, to develop, own, and operate renewable energy projects. The Catamaran joint venture brings more than 1.3 GW of operational experience across all types of renewable energy and has financed more than $1 billion in renewable energy transactions.

$1 billion
The Catamaran joint venture brings more than 1.3 GW of operational experience across all types of renewable energy and has financed more than $1 billion in renewable energy transactions.

Fuel Cells

In conjunction with the formation of Catamaran, the partners announced the acquisition of two fuel cell projects in Staten Island, New York from NineDot Energy, an experienced renewable development company based in the NYU Urban Future Lab cleantech incubator in Brooklyn, NY. The projects, reflecting 7.5 MW of installed capacity, qualify under New York’s Value of Distributed Energy Resources (VDER) program, with 75% of revenues fixed over 25 years. The projects are further supported by a 95% availability guaranty from the operator. The projects achieved commercial operation in December and are expected to deliver an unlevered internal rate of return (IRR) of 11%.


In 2020, SJI also made strides in solar development including the installation of solar platforms at SJI corporate facilities and the installation of four small solar platforms in New Jersey for a total investment of $3.8 million. The projects, reflecting 1.3 MW of installed capacity, qualify under the NJ Transition Renewable Energy Certificates (TREC) program.

Renewable Natural Gas

In December 2020, SJI entered into an agreement to acquire a minority equity interest and development rights in REV LNG, LLC (REV), a vertically integrated services and development company specializing in renewable natural gas (RNG), liquefied natural gas (LNG), and compressed natural gas (CNG) assets in North America. Over the last few years, REV has become one of the country’s leading developers of dairy RNG projects through capturing, cleaning and converting bio-methane to RNG. REV works with dairy farms to acquire the rights to manure feedstock and land leases, along with presiding over the development and construction of anaerobic digesters and gas processing to produce RNG.

SJI’s investment in REV includes an interest in multiple proven producing portfolios of RNG projects, a developing pipeline of RNG projects, as well as energy infrastructure assets associated with transporting and supplying RNG to market. The farms that SJI is investing in have the lowest (negative) carbon intensity of key transportation fuels.  

Green Hydrogen

In December 2020, SJI entered a partnership with Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind, a 50/50 joint venture between Shell New Energies LLC and EDF Renewables North America. We will create a pilot program to study the feasibility of producing hydrogen in conjunction with their proposed windfarm off the New Jersey coast. Green Hydrogen, which can be mixed into natural gas delivery systems, is produced via the electrolysis of water using electricity from renewable sources.

Our Future 

For many years, SJI has been an industry leader in reducing methane leaks through system modernization, and in advancing energy efficiency goals through a suite of products and services aimed at reducing consumption.

While we will continue to focus on these important issues, the future of our company will be built around the efficient and effective deployment of clean energy technologies. Advancements in the production of these energy sources will help us to decarbonize our gas supply while continuing to achieve our core mission of providing safe, reliable, affordable, clean energy for the customers and communities we serve.