SJI Completes TSA Exit, Equips New Utilities with Technology Systems

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FOLSOM NJ, April 29, 2020 – SJI (NYSE: SJI) today announced that it successfully completed TSA Exit, equipping New Jersey-based Elizabethtown Gas and Maryland-based Elkton Gas with the technology systems to operate independent of Southern Company.

SJI originally acquired the utilities in 2018. The completion of TSA Exit marks a significant milestone in the integration of the companies, with Elizabethtown Gas and Elkton Gas now operating entirely with SJI systems and services. This transition enhances capabilities to safely and reliably serve its customers in New Jersey and Maryland.

The process demanded a significant effort and tremendous teamwork from the organization, external stakeholders, partners and vendors.

“Successfully completing this process was critical to support the business and lay the foundation for future growth and continued customer engagement,” said Leonard Brinson Jr., Vice President and CIO, SJI. “To achieve this we successfully designed, constructed and implemented 38 different business applications, moved our data center and executed a data cutover plan.”

The timing of the completion was significant, coinciding with escalating restrictions caused by COVID-19. Despite the associated challenges, the company is already seeing the benefits of the new systems and services.

“We were fortunate to leverage the technology and services deployed through this project to equip employees to work remote while continuing to deliver safe, reliable, affordable services to our customers,” said Christie McMullen, President and COO Elizabethtown Gas and Elkton Gas.

The technology implemented as part of the TSA Exit will continue to drive business solutions and support the growth of the utilities.  

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SJI (NYSE: SJI), an energy services holding company based in Folsom, NJ, delivers energy services to its customers through three primary subsidiaries. SJI Utilities, SJI’s regulated natural gas utility business, delivers safe, reliable, affordable natural gas to approximately 700,000 South Jersey Gas, Elizabethtown Gas and Elkton Gas customers in New Jersey and Maryland. SJI’s non-utility businesses within South Jersey Energy Solutions promote efficiency, clean technology and renewable energy by providing customized wholesale commodity marketing and fuel management services; and developing, owning and operating on-site energy production facilities. SJI Midstream houses the company’s interest in the PennEast Pipeline Project. Visit for more information about SJI and its subsidiaries.

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