ESG 2021 Annual Report

Energy Efficiency

Helping the Environment, Helping Our Customers

SJI is committed to reducing the carbon footprint of our company and customers by conserving energy.

Making Energy Efficiency Available for others

Our utilities are dedicated to involving and engaging customers in our efforts to protect the environment and sustain our natural resources. Since 2009, South Jersey Gas and Elizabethtown Gas, combined, have invested more than $168 million in energy efficiency programs.

South Jersey Gas and Elizabethtown Gas have long prioritized energy efficiency programs to help customers reduce their energy consumption and costs. From 2009 through 2021, South Jersey Gas and Elizabethtown Gas customers have installed over 99,000 energy- efficient measures in their homes and businesses.

In 2006, South Jersey Gas became one of the first utilities in the country to implement a Conservation Incentive Program (CIP). Today, the program continues to encourage customers to use natural gas more efficiently, benefiting both South Jersey Gas and its customers by reducing the link between utility profits and the quantity of natural gas sold. Since its inception, customers have reduced their natural gas usage by a total of 114.5 billion cubic feet, enabling them to save $1.044 billion in energy costs and reduce CO2 output by 5.87 million metric tons in the process. For the CIP fiscal year ending September 2021, customers reduced usage by 10.9 billion cubic feet and saved $4.4 million in energy costs and reduced CO2 output by 559,209 metric tons. In April 2021, Elizabethtown Gas was approved for a Conservation Incentive Program, putting ETG in a stronger position to help customers manage their energy bills.

In April of 2021, South Jersey Gas and Elizabethtown Gas were approved for their largest Energy Efficiency Programs to date, totaling $216 million. This allows SJG and ETG to make investments in our customers, our environment and actively contribute to the state's climate priorities.  Beginning in July 2021, SJG and ETG offered a new comprehensive suite of residential, multifamily, commercial and industrial energy efficiency programs that encourages all customers, regardless of customer type or income, to reduce energy usage and save money. These programs include on-bill repayment and rebates for energy efficiency equipment upgrades, an efficient products marketplace featuring discounted smart thermostats, enhanced features and free weatherization measures for low to moderate-income customers, free energy audits, and tailored solutions for commercial and industrial customers.

Energy Efficiency Education
To make smart decisions about their energy usage, customers must be informed. Home Energy Reports play a critical role in this process. To date, South Jersey Gas and Elizabethtown Gas have collectively delivered more than one million Home Energy Reports. These personalized reports show each customer their unique energy usage data and provide recommendations for how they can control their energy consumption, cost and environmental impact.

In 2021, ETG and SJG launched Conserve, a new online Energy Efficiency resource. Free and available through the utility websites, Conserve offers tips and information to help customers decrease their energy consumption, lower their energy bills and reduce their impact on the environment, while maintaining comfort at home or work.

Income Qualified Programs
South Jersey Gas and Elizabethtown Gas partner with the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities  to deliver the Comfort Partners Program, a free program that helps low-income customers reduce their utility bills through implementing cost-effective measures which save energy and money while improving their home’s safety and comfort at no cost to them.

In 2021, South Jersey Gas spent $2.75 million serving 480 customers through the Comfort Partners Program, while Elizabethtown Gas spent $1.95 million serving 415 customers. In addition, South Jersey Gas and Elizabethtown Gas offered a moderate-income free weatherization program and spent approximately $1.6 million combined while serving 312 customers in 2021.

Expanding Energy Efficiency
Looking ahead, we remain committed to energy efficiency access and education, with a focus on benefiting our customers and the environment.  Our new energy efficiency suite brings a host of new programs and enables us to now serve the multi-family sector in a meaningful way through equipment upgrades and weatherization measures through rebates and on-bill financing. SJI utilities will continue to conduct outreach and provide educational opportunities to see that our Energy Efficiency programs are utilized to their full potential, making the most positive impact possible for our customers and the environment. 

Building Sustainable Communities

To support energy efficiency, community outreach and education, South Jersey Gas and Elizabethtown Gas partner with Sustainable Jersey. Sustainable Jersey works with communities and school districts to reduce waste, cut greenhouse gas emissions and improve environmental quality. Through 2021, South Jersey Gas and Elizabethtown Gas have provided Sustainable Jersey with over $1.2 million to support its efforts in New Jersey.

Sustainable Jersey


South Jersey Gas and Elizabethtown Gas have also sponsored the Alliance to Save Energy’s Empowered Schools program, which empowers students to grow as leaders, apply academic knowledge to solve real-world challenges and move their schools and communities toward a greener future. To date, 40 schools have participated in the program.